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Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Day Tradition

As we have in the past several years, the NYD Crew met late this morning on another wild brook trout stream in Connecticut. The crew includes, Mark, Kirk, Al (Brk Trt), John (Apache Trout), myself and this year we have a new addition RM Lytle.

After the usual pleasantries were exchanged we geared up and headed for the stream, which was flowing quite high from the recent snow and rain we had.

Each of us either hooked up and landed a brookie or had a LDR. The "pinkie" seemed to be the ticket for today for some of us.
Some photos above showing part of the "Crew" headed to the stream, a pic of the Master, Brk Trt working his magic and the first brookie of the year.
It was good to get out and see all the members of the "Crew" and welcome a new member to club.
The tradition continues.


  1. It was a blast Pete! That brooky has got a full belly!


  2. Rowan
    Yes it does and all the brookies today looked to be healthy and well fed!! Welcome aboard!!! Good to fish with you again!!! I am sure our paths will cross again soon!!!

  3. Well buddy it was a good first day. Good to see the crew and be able to fish in relative comfort. Nice brookie there......


  4. Brk Trt
    Yes it was good to see the crew,weather cooperated, brookies wanted to play. A good time was had by all!!


  5. Mark
    Yes it was and I told you guys there was always one fish under that tree!! Nice going to keep your streak alive!!


  6. Ben Thank you!
    This stream holds some very pretty specimens!