Pages Pond

Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Some Fly Fishing History

A few weeks ago my son gave me a shadow box with a photo of Elsie Darbee and three flies she had tied placed into three smaller compartments in the lower part of the box.
For your viewing pleasure

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It Has Been A While...

My last blog entry was on July 11, 2016. A combination of the long hot, humid summer, low water and high temps kept me off the rivers until today.
This morning after the rain had stopped I went on a recon mission to a local stream to see if any of the trout, stocked or wild had survived. When I arrived at the first location , the river was up a bit and with some stain in the water. I did not take a temp but the water was ice cold to the touch. The first stretch I fished using a Partridge and peacock soft hackle produced a very robust and well fed holdover rainbow that put up quite the battle. While in this area I spotted one fish rising in stretch I could not quite reach.
At the second location I landed a small wild brown on the same soft hackle. I continued downstream until I reached another area I know holds some wild browns and was rewarded with seeing two more swing and miss the soft hackle.
A good start to the fall, but we need much more rain.
I took no pictures today, just a quick exploratory mission.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Rainbow Monday on the Farmington River 7-11-16

Spent a couple of hours late AM  fishing the main stem of the Farmy. The first location was void of any other fishermen, so I geared up and headed to the head of this pool. Fish were rising sporadically and there were some BWO's, ISO's and small caddis rising. I initially started Euro nymphing and had no luck. I switched over to a sz. 14  BH Ausable Ugly , and landed several nice rainbows. Went back to nymphing using a sz. 16 Frenchie and landed another bow. I did have one brown come up three times to an ISO Compara Dun, but no take, just followed a short distance and melted right back into the bottom. Frustrating at times.

Moved down river, to a second location and and Euro- nymphed up two more solid hold over bows and missed another one.Nice cool over cast day to be out before the next heat wave!

A couple of several bows today.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Browns and Bows

Today I visited a small stream, hoping the rain overnight helped to refresh the stream a bit. I was fishing a sz, 16 Partridge and Peacock soft hackle and found a nice holdover rainbow in a deep run.
I moved upstream to fish another stretch and was rewarded with an handful of wild browns, bringing a few to hand and having some LDR's . The water had come up a bit and was a little off color.
A rewarding trip this morning.
PS. If you were fishing a local small stream yesterday 7-4-16 using a Payne Bamboo Rod and met a friend of mine please reach out to me! Can contact at Thanks
Nice holdover Bow

Wild Brown and a few of his cousins!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Farmington River Hat Trick 6-13-16

I spent a couple of hours fishing the Farmington River Monday, arriving late in the morning to find that I had a nice stretch of river to myself. I saw that there were some caddis sporadically coming off the water and it appeared that the fish were taking them as they emerged. I began nymphing using a small BHPT in the faster water at the head of this stretch and immediately had a nice rainbow. I had steady action for about the next 2 hours,landing a good mix of browns, bows and one decent brookie, which completed the hat trick.
I also had to contend with the wind, which at times was blowing like a hurricane and I could see whitecaps on the river!!
My one brookie completed the Hat Trick!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Caterpillars and Wild Browns

I did a little exploring this  morning, thinking that the rain on Sunday would freshen up some of the small streams. The stream I chose to fish has a nice canopy of trees, shading the water and providing some food for the trout. The water was up a bit and slightly stained and after approaching the stream saw some fish rising. After some close observation saw that the caterpillars were falling from the trees and the trout were just hammering them.
I was fishing a small Partridge and Peacock Herl SH, and I took a bunch of wild browns on the dead drift, and swinging the the SH hackle down and across.
Enjoy the photos.
Delectable Delight

Nice Shaded Section

First one of the Morning

Another Beauty

Last One 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monday Monday 5-23-16

Monday, late morning I headed to the Farmington River to spend a few hours fishing and hopefully avoiding the crowds that will surely accompany the Memorial Day Weekend. With the weather predicted to be sunny and hot this weekend, the river will come alive with not only fishermen, but an assortment of tubes, kayaks and canoes.
As I  drove along the river my first choice of spots was occupied, so I continued upstream to my second choice and saw that my friend Dave was there. So I parked, got geared up and walked up to the area he was fishing. After exchanging the usual pleasantries and seeing that the fish were very active chasing caddis, began  nymphing using a pheasant tail and green caddis larva. Dave was drifting a green BH caddis larve and some type of soft hackle. We had constant action for a couple of hours, all on nymphs. All of the fish I landed were taken on the PT, which was my dropper. I also landed a very solid, broad shouldered brown and a few others using an olive Greeen WB.
As the sun hit more of the water the action slowed down and it was time for me to head home. A very successful day fishing with a good friend.
Dave has a good one here

Nellie, Dave's Springer watching the action

Nice Brown

Dave with a beauty