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Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Opening Day Traditions 4-14-18

Another Opening Day 2018!! Over the years I have had many opening day traditions, from fishing the Farm River for many years with childhood friends and family, to fishing the Hamo with my son, early mornings, late mornings. At some point I graduated to fishing the Farmington River, going in the late morning with my son Matt or my brother Mike. A few years ago Matt and I joined the NYD crew on a wild brook trout stream and another tradition was born.

Today Matt and I joined Alan and Mark on a wild trout stream someplace in Connecticut. It was sunny and warm, finally. Some wild brookies and fall fish were caught, but I got to share the stream with my son and friends for a couple of hours. For this I am very thankful. The friendships and simply wetting a line together was my reward for today.
The Crew Opening Day! Pete, Matt, Mark, Alan!
Above the Master Alan at work. Raised one in there.
Second photo Matt working  a run.


  1. Pete is was a pleasure fishing with you guys.
    Opening day tradition continues.

  2. Alan
    Thank you. We enjoyed the time together on the water and fishing with you and Mark.
    Thank you for your generous gift, I greatly appreciate that kind gesture. See ya soon on the stream.

  3. Pete
    Always good to fish with someone who loves the sport as much as you do, and it was evident in both of your guys post today. Hope everything is going well for you, thanks for sharing

  4. Bill Trussell
    Thank you. It was a great day to get out with the guys and my son. I am especially thankful this year. We had great, sunny, warm weather and just a beautiful day.

  5. Pete - so glad to see you be able to enjoy the day with Matt - priceless

  6. Mark
    Thank you and yes it was! A beautiful day.