Pages Pond

Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Back at the Bench

Several years ago after being introduced to Euro-nymphing I was encouraged to tie my own flies. Many years ago when I was in my twenties I used to tie quite a bit mostly nymphs and streamers.
For whatever reason or reasons I stopped.  Back a few years I started to tie Euro nymphs and some soft hackles. A variety of reasons have kept my from the bench until this weekend, when I moved all my materials, vises, and  tools upstairs to a more convenient location. Now I will be back at the bench tying again, in preparation for some fall fishing.

Notice to the left side original Thompson Vise.

I set up the bench using a handmade, maple drop leaf desk, that was constructed by my wife's grandfather many years ago. Above before and after photos.