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Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Friday, May 12, 2017

Getting Back on the Stream

I have been slowly getting back into the swing of things after an extended time away from the streams. Today I visited a Class 3 WTMA, that holds both stocked and wild trout. I had scouted out this particular stretch of river yesterday and had spotted several trout sipping something very small.
I was unable to see exactly what it was they were on, trying in vain using some assorted soft hackles and spiders.
Returning today, the fish were all rising in the same stretch and I began using a sz 18 PTSH, and initially landed a pretty solid rainbow that took on the retrieve.
Moving downstream a bit, located a few more sippers, and missed one on the drift. Must be a bit rusty. That will change as I get back into the swing of things!!
After sometime, changed over to a sz 18 black soft hackle, moved back to my initial spot and saw a rise directly up and across from where I stood. I made one cast above the rise, twitched the fly once and was rewarded by a hard, solid take and this fish ran downstream and under some brush. This guy gave me a good battle and soon a gorgeous 10 inch wild brown was in my hand. It was a pleasant suprise and a great ending to a short but successful outing.
Healthy looking wild brown.

Today's wild brown. A solid one!

Some of my soft hackles.


  1. Glad you are finding your peace by the river Pete....Theresa,RN

    1. Theresa
      Thank you!
      I hope you get your fish tonight! And yes I am finding peace along the river!1

  2. Pete, each day a bit stronger and a bit happier.
    Nice browns....I have a few spiders-soft hackles to help fill up you box.

    1. Brk Trt
      Thanks Alan!
      And I will be glad to have your spiders-soft hackles in my fly box any time! The brown was a scrapper too!!

  3. Seems like the trout are giving you a good "welcome back"! One of these day's I'll make my way down to your neck of the woods, there is a certain river I'd like to knock off my list of 'haven't been' places. ;)

  4. Rowan
    Thank you!! Yes it has been a good "welcome back" lately. And if you make your way down here I'll be glad to give you a tour!!