Pages Pond

Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Plans were made to meet Mark, Alan, and Kirk on Friday along the Farmington River. This resulted in a reunion of most of the New Years Day crew. Mark and Alan had arrived earlier and managed to get into a few browns and rainbows, in different areas of the river. After we met, exchanged the usual pleasantries we split up agreeing to meet upstream. I began fishing a Olive Green WB and in a long deep pool brought a gorgeous colored brown to the net. That was to be the highlight of the morning for me.

I moved upriver to meet up with the crew again, to see how everyone was doing and again we all went to different sections of the river.It was good to get out, enjoy the warm weather and see the "crew".

Plans were made to fish together and again, in the near future!!!!


  1. Nice brown trout there Pete. It was good to see you again, and we will hook up again.


  2. Brk Trt
    Thank you
    And yes we will hook up soon!! We need practice for New Years Day!!

  3. Was good to see everyone again even if we were fishing different stretches throughout the morning


  4. Mark
    Yes it was good to see everyone and a little bit of a tune up for New Years Day !!!