Pages Pond

Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Friday, December 18, 2015


I needed to go stand in a river or stream or brook today, so I headed out to a wild brook trout stream late this morning. It was a cloudy, raw and overcast day. I was hoping that the rain from Thursday filled the stream up a bit .
Upon my arrival I could hear the rushing water and as I approached the first area to fish I saw the stream was bank full.
I took my first brookie of the  day on a Bomber, that was submerged. At the end of the drift it sunk and as I retrieved it I saw the boil and felt the take. A gorgeous brookie to hand. I fished upstream a ways using the Bomber but the fish showed no more interest.
I changed over to a soft hackle fly that Brk Trt had given me several weeks before and I came to an a very nice run where a small tributary fed into this brook and managed to bring two more to hand, hooking and missing two two others.
So, I had my solitude, caught a few nice brook trout and had a great morning!


  1. Nice going Pete! Thought maybe you would be fishing a bead head pheasant tail soft hackle ;)


  2. Mark
    Thank you
    Well it was a soft hackle no bead though and it worked so I stuck with it! Had a good day!!

  3. Hey Pete the "family secret" was fruitful for you. I love that place. Great photos.

  4. By the way that rod and reel look familiar.


  5. Brk Trt!
    Thank you!
    Yes it was fruitful and was good for my peace of mind today. I thought you would like that rod and reel shot, as you know great minds think a alike.