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Pages Pond
Pages Pond Waterfall circa 1976

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monday Monday 5-23-16

Monday, late morning I headed to the Farmington River to spend a few hours fishing and hopefully avoiding the crowds that will surely accompany the Memorial Day Weekend. With the weather predicted to be sunny and hot this weekend, the river will come alive with not only fishermen, but an assortment of tubes, kayaks and canoes.
As I  drove along the river my first choice of spots was occupied, so I continued upstream to my second choice and saw that my friend Dave was there. So I parked, got geared up and walked up to the area he was fishing. After exchanging the usual pleasantries and seeing that the fish were very active chasing caddis, began  nymphing using a pheasant tail and green caddis larva. Dave was drifting a green BH caddis larve and some type of soft hackle. We had constant action for a couple of hours, all on nymphs. All of the fish I landed were taken on the PT, which was my dropper. I also landed a very solid, broad shouldered brown and a few others using an olive Greeen WB.
As the sun hit more of the water the action slowed down and it was time for me to head home. A very successful day fishing with a good friend.
Dave has a good one here

Nellie, Dave's Springer watching the action

Nice Brown

Dave with a beauty


  1. Trouti
    I use to hunt with a Springer back in the day; brought down lots of quail with Shooter!!! Really pronounced colors on that brown, nice looking stream. Thanks for sharing

  2. Bill
    Thank you
    We had an excellent day. The Springer is a very good bird dog and Dave hunts pheasant with her in the fall and early winter.

  3. Pete nice outing...your right about the extra anglers this weekend.

  4. Brk Trt
    Thank you.
    Yes it was and at the time we had this particular place to ourselves and the fish. A good day for sure!